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Noise Luna Ring: Unveiling the Future of Wearable Technology


Noise Luna Ring: Unveiling the Future of Wearable Technology

The future of wearable technology is here, and it's ringing with innovation and ingenuity. Noise, a pioneer in smart technology, is about to launch a new marvel called the Luna Ring in India. A true engineering spectacle, the Luna Ring combines fashion with next-generation technology to help you become a better version of yourself.

Luna Ring: A Comprehensive Overview

Titanium Body, 70+ Health Metrics, and More The Luna Ring encapsulates the essence of the next generation of wearable technology. With a high-strength titanium body and hypoallergenic inner shell, it guarantees durability and comfort.

Beyond just style, the ring is an all-day lifestyle and fitness tracker that measures 70+ metrics, including:

  • Sleep Monitor: Understanding and enhancing your sleep patterns
  • Temperature Monitor: Tracking your body temperature
  • Heart-rate Sensor: Monitoring your heart's performance
  • Spo2 Sensor: Assessing blood oxygen levels
  • Technology that Talks
  • Equipped with BLE 5 Technology and 7 days of battery life, the Luna Ring is compatible with both iOS and Android.
  • Its water resistance of up to 50 meters ensures that you never have to remove it, whether you're swimming or showering.

Luna Priority Access Pass

Get your ring before anyone else, with exciting extra benefits. By purchasing the Luna Priority Access Pass, you can enjoy:

Noise Luna Ring: Unveiling the Future of Wearable Technology
  • ₹3,000 off on Luna ring
  • Priority shipping and delivery for sizing kit and Luna ring
  • Free liquid and physical damage cover for Luna ring worth ₹2,000
  • Flat ₹2,000 discount on Noise i1 Smart Glass
  • Exclusive offers from select premium brands
  • Additional bank offers

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will I determine my ideal Luna Ring size?

A sizing kit will be dispatched to you after placing your order, allowing you to select your perfect fit.

Will the Luna Ring be compatible with Android as well as iOS?

Yes, it will be compatible with both.

Ordering and Priority Access

The priority access pass offers a unique access code, redeemable on Noise's website once the ordering window for Luna Ring opens. The unique code will be valid for 3 weeks post the ordering window and is non-refundable, non-returnable, but transferable.

Luna Ring: Transformative Experience Through Technology

Providing core scores of Sleep, Readiness, and Activity, the Luna Ring gives you an in-depth analysis of your key body metrics, personalized just for you. Equipped with PPG & 3-axis motion sensors, it meticulously detects every activity with unmatched precision.


The Luna Ring by Noise is not just a smart ring; it is a symphony of cutting-edge technology and design ingenuity. It is here to guide you towards a better understanding of your body, helping you make timely and insightful decisions for your well-being. With the Luna Priority Access Pass and the promise of impeccable accuracy, this ring is set to revolutionize how we approach health and technology.

Pre-book now @ ₹2,000 and step into the future with Noise Luna Ring. Stay tuned for more details as the next chapter in wearable technology unfolds before your eyes.