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Introducing aaboRing: A Smart Fusion of Health, Fitness, and Style


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In the ever-evolving world of wearable technology, smart rings have emerged as a dynamic fusion of fashion and functionality. Among the various products gracing the market, the "aaboRing" by 1008 Digital Health Pvt. Ltd. stands out for its state-of-the-art features, elegant design, and unparalleled accuracy. Here's everything you need to know about the aaboRing, a device that is much more than just a ring.

1. Model and Design

The aaboRing, with the model number SR09-09, brings together modern aesthetics with robustness. Its product dimensions are 2.2 x 2.2 x 0.79 cm, weighing a mere 100 grams. Crafted from Premium Titanium Metal, it's not only durable and scratch-proof but also lightweight. The beautiful design promises comfort, allowing 24x7 wearing without any hindrance.

2. High-end Features for a Health-Conscious Lifestyle

The aaboRing is packed with special features that cater to those who wish to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Its advanced Sleep Monitoring, Stress Management, and Activity Tracker functions are integrated with Readiness and Sleep score metrics. What's more, it offers 10+ parameters monitoring, including sleep, mindfulness, stress, activity, 24x7 heart rate, HRV, respiratory rate, SPO2, Finger temperature, and resting heart rate.

3. Ultra-High Accuracy with Research-Grade Sensors

Accuracy is paramount when it comes to health monitoring. The aaboRing is equipped with CE Certified, research-grade sensors that provide ultra-high precision. Paired with AI-enabled aabo Mobile apps, available for both Android and iOS smartphones, it ensures you stay on top of your health game.

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4. Battery and Connectivity

One of the key highlights of the aaboRing is its impressive battery life. Lasting from 4 to 7 days on a single charge, it only requires 20 to 80 minutes to recharge. With 15 Watts of power, it features a USB connector type and operates on a 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency, offering seamless wireless connectivity.

5. Compatibility and Display Technology

The aaboRing's LCD display offers a crisp resolution of 240 x 240, making it easy to interact with the ring. It is compatible with both tablets and smartphones operating on Android. The display technology, combined with an intuitive unknown primary interface, ensures a smooth user experience.

6. Water Resistance and Versatility

With an IP68 water resistance rating, the aaboRing is your constant companion, whether you're bathing or swimming. Its unique construction ensures that finger signals are stronger than wrist signals, making it a suitable addition to smartwatches.

7. Choosing the Right Size

This product is specifically the aaboRing US Size 9, but you can refer to product images to ensure you pick the right size from the different options available.


The aaboRing is more than just a smart ring; it's a stylish health and fitness tracking device designed for those who value both aesthetics and functionality. Its unique blend of advanced monitoring features, coupled with high-end technology, makes it a must-have wearable device. Whether it's tracking your sleep quality, managing stress, or simply acting as a chic accessory, the aaboRing promises to be a good companion in every aspect of your life. Experience the Circle of Health with a ring that's crafted for the modern, health-conscious individual.